"Time and again, I’ve seen it work to silence women in the classroom, or at least cause them to worry about how to phrase things “just right” so as to protect the guys and their feelings. It’s a key anti-feminist strategy, even if that isn’t the actual intent of the men doing it — it forces women to become conscious caretakers of their male peers by subduing their own frustration and anger."

Hugo Schwyzer, talking about his resignation from the Good Men Project

The whole article is worth reading.  I particularly like the phrase “conscious caretakers of their male peers,” though.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how conversations about feminism can get derailed with the, “well, if you’re trying to convince men to agree with you, you should find a nicer way to put it,” tangent.  I …don’t really know how to respond to that. 

Yes, on the one hand, I am obviously trying to convince men (and women and everybody else) to agree with me, because I believe I am right and that if I could just express my views clearly enough, every thinking person would be swayed by the logic and rationality of what I have to say. 

On the other hand, the degree to which men agree with me or not has absolutely no bearing on my rightness.  The idea that it should be a goal of mine to get a male seal of approval is obnoxious.  Furthermore, it is incredibly frustrating to feel like it’s not enough to express myself clearly, I also have to simultaneously gird myself against the, “I don’t like that tone of voice, young lady,” attacks.

(Source: hugoschwyzer.net)

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